Embassy Life International Ministries, Inc. (ELIM) is a non-denominational ministry with an apostolic mandate to transcend the seven (7) spheres of influence which will meet the needs of all age groups with the intention of breaking social and cultural barriers. ELIM will do this by creating an open and welcoming atmosphere both spiritually and naturally. 


The seven (7) spheres of influence, also known as the seven (7) mountains of culture, are pivotal areas that have been found to change an individual, people group, society and nation. ELIM will focus its efforts to influence the TCA and surrounding area, eventually state, national, and international community, with sound biblical principles, teaching, and doctrine coupled with the individual’s civic vocation to influence their sector of operation, thus having a positive impact in their sphere of influence. The message and preaching of Jesus Christ will be the central message of ELIM. Additionally, ELIM will minister to the “whole man” mentally, physically, spiritually, and professionally to initiate positive spiritual formation that will affect every area of their life. As the individual is positively changed, it will transcend to the people group, society, and nation.

Apostolic Mandate is a commission to activate religious, social, and spiritual transformation and change within an individual, people group, society, or nation.

Seven (7) Spheres of Influence: Religion/Church, Family, Education, Media, Business, Politics/Government and Arts/Entertainment